Innovative Experiential Education

Successful entrepreneurs are frequently individuals with great passion, as well as, a broad spectrum of training and skill. CERC creates interdisciplinary educational opportunities at all educational levels of Duke's campus and helps to promote co-curricular experiences based on interdisciplinary, vertically integrated team-based innovation.

Partnering for new classes: CERC creates new classes and expands the breadth of existing classes by integrating ideas from across the Duke Campus. Examples include creating undergraduate social innovation entrepreneurial design experiences by combining Pratt School of Engineering design classes with Policy and Markets and Management based social entrepreneurs and business planners. Graduate classes link engineers, medical basic scientists, business students, and engineering management students to evaluate faculty research help commercialize it.

Lowering barriers to cross unit majors and minors: One of our goals is to increase the breadth of student experiences by facilitating dual majors, cross-school certificates and programs.

We need faculty partners: If you are interested in this teaching model, seeing your class listed here, or linking your class or extracurricular experience with these resources, please contact us at

Interested in entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship courses that translate research into real world opportunity or impact?

Duke affords several in class and outside the classroom experiences.